2000 Nights at Anchor

I recently did some math and figured out that we have nearly 2000 nights (and days) of being “on the hook” ahead of us in the near future. Woohoo!!! Now as much as I’d love to believe that they will all be with a gentle breeze-just enough to keep the mosquitos away- and always out of the forecasted direction-and never squally, I am pretty sure that’s not going to happen!

Thus, prompting us to take another review of our ground tackle inventory and deciding to add one of the “new generation” anchors to the mix. The videos of how quickly the Mantus anchor set, and reset, were pretty darn amazing. I tried (really hard) to be skeptical since Mantus is the one who performed and videoed all of the trials and comparisons but was still pretty impressed!

So………..guess what just came in the mail?!

Yep, a new Mantus anchor! ( never in a million years would I have thought I’d pay for shipping for an anchor to be mailed 🙂 ).

We played around with it on the pier after assembling it and no matter which way it is laid it would immediately self right. Kinda can’t wait to try it out for real–you know, is some crystal clear Bahama water were we can see it set. Unfortunately, we didn’t measure well enough and it won’t fit on our bowsprit next to the Delta with out some modifications to the bow roller, so for now it is disassembled and stored neatly in the anchor locker. A bonus until we get things reconfigured!





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2 thoughts on “2000 Nights at Anchor

  1. I bought a Mantus too in Annapolis during the Oct sailboat show this past year. I haven’t tried putting it to use yet but I’m looking forward to trying it out this year.

    Hope it works out for you.

    1. A dock neighbor of ours has had a chance to use his and he loves it. Says it sets really fast. Hope you get a chance to try yours out soon! I know we are excited to get out there and give ours a go.

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