Oddly, I am excited that it is Monday morning. Why? It means I made it through last week and this is a new week. A fresh start. We’ve got good things going on but it seemed liked last week the hits just wouldn’t stop coming long enough for me to take them in.

Around this time last Monday is when I noticed that someone, other than us, had spent their weekend clearing out our checking account. Happy Monday Morning-Not! Did you know that you have to wait for all pending charges to go through before you can even begin filing a fraudulent charges report? To say that I had a difficult time waiting to finish being robbed before being able to do something about it might be an understatement. The week continued with showing up for a dentist visit that was for the next day. Ugh. The next day, at said dentist appointment, I managed to crack my brand new filling before I even left the office. How does that happen? I sat right back down in the chair and repeated the the whole process. Fun. The week ended with my job, which I normally love, bringing me close to tears-several times.

So, yeah, this is going to be a great week. We’ve got fun new purchases to install, major SSB progress going on, freeze-dried food test results to report, and the sweetest little assistant to help us with it all.

But for now I have to get to a dentist appointment. Third times a charm-right?!


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