Keith knocked another project off that todo list.

Instead of thick, bulky wooden planks mounted to the stanchions to tie the jerry cans to, he made sleek ones from stainless. He welded together a few left over short pieces of tubing for the bar and used fittings that he picked up at one of the marine flea markets for $20.00 (for all of them-another Keith score).

He expected it to take about an hour, minus the welding. A day in a half, three hardware store runs, and two tap bits later… Well, at least it looks great.

I finished up sewing the covers for the jerry cans. 4 gasoline and 5 diesel. Not exactly a clear deck, but at least it’s organized.

Two projects checked off in one post. Woohoo.


4 thoughts on “Jugs

  1. Thanks! Who knew that one day prettied up jerry cans would make my day.

    We must REALLY need to get underway because I would rather be getting excited over pretty beaches and sunsets!!


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