So the past several days have been sunny and the sky crisp, blue. Boats have been going out sailing and dock neighbors are hammering out projects on the docks. Not us. We’ve got a sick boat going on. Keith has been out of work and in bed for the past 9 days now with the flu. Fevers, body aches and, coughs don’t begin to describe his misery. Finally after a bit of IV therapy he has regained some color, but has still not kicked this thing yet. I had gotten the flu shot and therefore a much milder version of this thing but still had some of the roughest days I can ever remember. Cold. Flu. Not the same thing. Got it. At least I went back to the world of the living (and working) today. Even if it wasn’t for a full day.

Even Kai joined in on the theme and got a green goopy eye thing going on.

So what’s on the agenda this weekend? Sleep, sipping ginger ale, and some more of John’s chicken noodle soup. (Thanks John)


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