So many of my posts have been about not accomplishing enough. Well, not this one. This weekend was awesome in so many ways. Maybe because it was so well balanced: a bit of play, a bit of projects, and a bit of fun too. The fact that it is December and we were in shorts and tops, and still sweating, may have been a big factor as well.

The foundation of our perfect weekend began with taking Kai to the dog park both mornings. One hour of running, tumbling, swimming, sniffing, fetching, and barking results in one exhausted puppy who then sleeps for the rest of the day. Believe me, it’s much, much easier to get things accomplished minus one enthusiastic little helper.

Saturday was sale day at West Marine, an extra 10% off the Port Supply prices. After waiting outside for the store to open for almost an hour because the employee forgot to show up, we took advantage and stocked up on all the boring stuff that is on our list: spare parts, emergency supplies, and stuff for future projects. Sadly, $1000.00 later we walked out with ONE bag. Oh well-a whole bunch of crap off the list.20131209-083843.jpgBack on the boat, Keith built supports for the davits so that we can lift the dingy and the engine up easily. He will weld them up this week and it will be another project done. We also connected the last solar panel up and now we are really making some juice. Not done yet, I hoisted him up the mast so we could remove one of our backstays. We are having new ones made, one will be our ssb antenna. Back down on deck, we replaced one of the bow rollers. In the cockpit, we installed the new table and down below I added a shelf to one of our lockers to make use of some wasted space. Whew.



In between all of that, some cooking, car vacuming, and laundry got accomplished. And, not done yet, we had time to enjoy a glass of wine with our dock neighbors. Now that is a productive weekend. Now if only we can keep up this pace, we might actually get off the dock soon.

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