Chugging Away

The last two weeks has been quite productive (minus blog posts).

First, and the biggest, our watermaker installation is complete! Woohoo! So now when the sun is shining, or the engine is running , or the fry-daddy is frying (that means the generator is running), or just when the battery bank is full, we will be converting sea water into crystal clear safe drinking water. We still have to test it but that won’t happen in this yucky marina sludge.

The other big project that has seen great headway is the radar installation. Keith had to fabricate a new mast mount. Actually, we had a mount but threw half of it it away when we were cleaning out the garage. Don’t you know, a few weeks later a great deal for this radar popped up on craigslist…and of course it didn’t come with a mast mount. Oh well. And since designing the mount required many many trips up and down the mizzen mast, the ladder came into play instead of a bosons chair. We have gotten some very curious looks as the ladder has been propped against the mast for a week now. Keith is saying it is his new look-out post for coral heads.

Keith has also spent some time in the engine room doing the 100 hour maintenance and cleaning the…..Oh crap, I can’t remember what it’s called…see the photo below until I remember.

A slew of other small project have also gotten checked off:
All light bulbs switched to LEDs
Second propane tank added
Pressurized salt water tap added to the interior
Storage shelves added to locker under companionway (almost done)
The v-berth cleared out
Light added to engine room
Maintenance log made
Chart and guide book inventory taken and shopping list for missing areas made





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