There is a countdown timer on the sidebar of this blog and at the moment it says “one month till departure”. It lies. Big fat lies.

It hurts, but it’s time to get honest with ourselves we are not setting off in a few weeks. It turns out that Kai has to be 6 months to enter the Bahamas (did I mention that his arrival timing was really bad). That delays us until January 1st and January isn’t the ideal month to be crossing-gets a bit blowy. And cold. Yes, the Bahamas are still a bit cold in winter especially the northern Abacos where we want to spend the first several months of our journey and I don’t really like cold. So….that puts us leaving at the end of February at the earliest (only if it is a mild winter) or March. NO LATER.

Now, to be fair to Kai, if he was really the only reason we were delaying our departure I am sure we could find a way for him to magically age a few months overnight. But we have to share some of the blame ourselves. The “to do” list has been horribly neglected the past few weeks (actually months now) as we were completely consumed with moving out of the apartment and onto the boat, quickly followed by the time-consuming job of puppy sitting. So much so that the actual “to do” list seems to have even gotten lost in the move. I guess it’s time to get focused again. There will NOT be another time delay!

Now, first, let me go find the “to do” list so we can start tackling it again. We have 20ish weeks to get it all done (give or take a weather window or two).

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