Puppy Play

So not much but snuggling, playing, loving, and chewing getting done on board our boat the last few days.

Who knew a nine-week old puppy could have so much energy for what seems like 24 hours a day. I thought puppies slept a lot. Kai is definitely not much of a sleeper- and that means Keith and I have not gotten much sleep either. So far we have learned that he is quite sweet, lovey, funny, and curious. And headstrong. There is a brass pull ring in the floorboards that has become his obsession. Thankfully we have a bucketful of toys to redirect him with, and when that fails, the bucket itself is a winner. All other no-no chew items, like all of the teak, has gotten a liberal soaking in some bitter apple spray. It’s pretty effective as a chewing deterrent. Hopefully he will never learn what it feels like to chew on a piece of teak.







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