Okay, NOW, We Are All Aboard

Today was one busy day! We thought we were all moved save a few details. We underestimated.

The morning started off with clearing the last few items from the garage. Small items-like dinghys, ladders, surfboards, chains, and anchors. That was followed by the rental inspection to get back our deposit, which we did get back, but it was far from a pleasant experience. Then we ran down to the old marina to move the boat to the new marina. Now, granted, we are only talking about a mile away, but still moving all the dock lines and hoses makes it a bit of a process. Oh, and we had the opportunity to learn that there is more than one type of 50 amp shore-power cord and they are not interchangeable. This resulted in an expensive little rushed run to the local West Marine. Then we unloaded the dinghy, ladder, surfboards, chains, and anchors from the vehicles and piled them on board. The waterline screaming in agony the whole while. (Why a ladder? We need it for an unfinished project-don’t ask) The day then continued with a complete scrub down of the decks as an osprey had recently made our mast his number one favorite dining stop. Fish gust and bird shit everywhere.

By now the apartment and the boat were clean, so off to clean ourselves. It’s been a while since we lived aboard at a marina and the art of packing a shower bag to trot up to the bath house needed some skills refreshing. We were able to manage (sort of) and moved on with the next part of our day which included running errands. Several stores later, we returned to the boat with barely enough energy to make grilled cheese sandwiches and a salad for dinner.

Now, we are all aboard. Whew!

2 thoughts on “Okay, NOW, We Are All Aboard

  1. We finally decided to go to telemar. Pretty quiet and easy access to go sailing and still in our same neighborhood. Seems ok so far.

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