We can now enjoy a rainproof, bug proof cockpit! I finished installing the full enclosure this morning.

As It turns out procrastination can be beneficial. I started planning this project in January, but got sidetracked with the haul out and never got it going. In the meantime, I dicovered that Sailrite had recently released a new instructional DVD Make Your Own Full Boat Enclosure. Having had great success with their Dodger DVD, I purchased it but couldn’t imagine how the video could cover such a complex and highly custom project. Turns out, they do an excellent job. The DVD gives complete instructions for three different window options to choose from: just glass, glass with permanent screens, and glass with removable screens.

In the end I went with a fourth option. Inspired by the removable screens option, I wanted to not only have the screens attached to the glass panels, but be able to be used on their own-without the glass panels attached. So I watched and rewatched the DVD until I was able to design what I had envisioned. I am pretty thrilled with the final result.

I love the way the perpendicular zippers are installed- the binding covers and protects the entire zipper-front, back, teeth. Zippers are pretty much the first thing to be eaten by the sun and with about fifty of them, yes fifty, I like that they are pretty much invisible to the sun.












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