Sewing, stowing, and solar

We have had a lot on the table the last few weeks.

Keith is busy installing the solar panels. He has the controller in and two of the anticipated three solar panels mounted. He designed a nifty way to mount two of them on the stern side rails. When he gets everything done, I will take some photos. He just needs to actually connect the panels to the controller/batteries. …..and buy and install the third panel.

I finished up the last enclosure panel today. Yippee! Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to install all the panels because of the rain. So close to being crossed off the list. I have been sewing as furiously as I can because I need to sell my big sewing machine before we give up the apartment and it just makes things so much easier. Plus, I won’t have a hall way to roll out a few yards of fabric once we are aboard. Sew, sew, sew….. up next generator, engine and propane tank covers.

Between projects we have officially started moving aboard. I have the galley, nav station, the head, and my art supplies (minus my sewing supplies) aboard.




5 thoughts on “Sewing, stowing, and solar

  1. Are you using a pattern for the tank covers or is it just something you designed? I need to make covers for our propane tank and our jerry jugs. Honestly haven’t started looking for patterns or tips yet, but thought I’d ask you 🙂

    1. For the propane tank, I just made my own design. It is very basic. I couldn’t find any patterns online. I have one cover done, I am about to make the second cover because we are adding a second tank. Are you using the “BBQ” style tanks?

      I am still thinking about how to build the Jerry-can covers. Which is why they are lower on the list. I want to be able to strap them down easily. I am still researching there, so if you come across something first-please share 🙂 I kind of like the simplicity of Silver Linings’ covers.

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