Haul Out-Day 55-All is well again.

This weekend was exactly what we needed it to be. The boat splashed at O-bright-and-early hour on Saturday and thankfully she did her part well and remembered how to float. We then promptly, like within 20 minutes, managed to get a nice little scuff on the newly painted hull while going through the locks. Not really upset even as it’s the first of many to come on this upcoming adventure-we just got the inevitable over with right away. We motored home, because of course the wind was on the nose, but the batteries needed charging and we enjoyed finding the extra knot of speed from the new prop. It felt so good to have her in the slip again and only a few minutes drive from the apartment. We scrubbed all the yard dust off and then we dropped in exhaustion-the haul out is finally done.








Recouped by Sunday, we did what we have not had the luxury of doing for almost two-months and simply enjoyed the day. No agenda, no checklist in sight. Keith went to the beach. I went shopping. The house and the boat got cleaned. We went for a quick paddle in the kayaks. Enjoyed a great dinner in the cockpit with a friend (who brought a delicious conch ceviche-yum). And get this, we each still got one project done. Keith finished hooking up the backup bilge pump hose (the one missing in the picture from the previous post) and I tackled re-organizing the locker under the galley sink since the through hull was added and needed to be easily accessible.

I am absolutely thrilled with how well my little reorganizing project turned out. I was able to even use the space way up high behind the sink. Yep, that’s how I decided to enjoy my day.

Oh, and I got to rinse the dishes off in the sink without worrying about the bits of lettuce ending up in the grey water tank (to rot). I think that galley drain might just be in my top ten list of favorite upgrades to this boat.

All is well again.


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