Haul out-day 20


Day 20 and I am embarrassed to say not one single project has been crossed off my list. Not one. It’s not that we haven’t been working hard or even that things are going horribly wrong, it’s just that we haven’t completed anything.

I have the hull painted-except for the boot stripe and detailing around the port lights. I have the deck painted-well the first coat at least. We have the bottom peeled-the fun part is still to come. Keith has yanked off the prop, cutlass bearing, shaft, exhaust through hulls, and rudder post-but reinstallation has yet to happen. Bilges have been scrubbed-but not painted. Lots of progress, no completion.

That calculation I did several weeks ago, the one where we need to complete an average of four projects a week. Yeah. I keep waiting for the week that all the loose ends of all of our half-done projects get done at once. It will happen one day, I see it…..a flurry of scratch marks and celebratory high-fives all around.

2 thoughts on “Haul out-day 20

  1. Ha – I am the exact same way! I may even write out every step of a project just so I can feel more accomplished. Whatever it takes, right? These two “couple hour” projects I’ve now been working on for four days now…. FOUR days. I just want to cross them off. Just think, soon you’ll go through an influx of finished projects and feel incredibly accomplished 🙂

    1. I am ready to feel “incredibly accomplished”! I too break things down step-by-step, but I won’t cross off the parent item until all the steps are done. I already have a hard time with half-finished projects 🙂

      By the way, I’ve noticed a lot of shiny deck hardware seems to have made it back on your boat-good job. Looks good.

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