Haul out-day 13 Naked bottom

Got the bottom peeled today.

Tom Musto from Boat Savers arrived at the marina this morning and after sorting out the poor power supply from the yard the process began. We had never watched a boat bottom being peeled. There is something quite difficult about listening to your boat’s private areas being shaved off. The varying depths and consistencies of the whatever-it-was filler that was applied to our boat gave him quite a time, but he stuck it out. By early afternoon, we had a naked bottom. (Not really smooth as a baby’s bottom, but still quite smooth.)

Very happy with the choice to peel it, happy with the job Tom did, and happy that the hull looks good and is relatively dry. Good things.

Keith was going to start on the grinding of the tight spots, but the marina was serving free food and beer. He will grind tomorrow.





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