Haul out (Days 2-8)

Day 2:
I started on sanding down the hull but the sander retired on only my second sheet of sandpaper. So I moved on to chipping off whatever-it-is on our bottom. I uncovered a few more tiny blisters. Hmmm. Then, we spent the evening discussing the best way to remove all the bottom coating, (some places it actually did adhere), how to deal with the blisters, and what to put back on. I also made a run to the hardware store and bought another orbital sander. />

Day 3:
Spent the entire day sanding and fairing the hull in preparation of painting. Oh goodness am I sore. Up the scaffolding, sand a few feet, down the scaffolding, drag the scaffolding- the wheels don’t work, up the scaffolding, sand a few feet, down the scaffolding, drag the damn heavy scaffolding, up the scaffolding …….that was my day. It sounds like a bad day, but it wasn’t. I was happy as a clam working away.


Day 4:
More prepping the hull, fighting with the scaffolding, and finally got the first coat of paint on one side of the hull. It’s not the prettiest job. Lots of roller marks. Oh well, only the first coat. Keith and I will work together on the finish coats.

Day 5:
More sanding, more scaffolding scuffles. Keith started grinding on the bottom and was quickly reminded of what a big job grinding an entire bottom is. He did it on our Morgan 41. In fact, we went home and and looked up the phone number for a guy to peel the hull.

Day 6:
Called and arranged to have the hull peeled next weekend and mentally committed to being in the yard however long it takes to insure a completely dry the hull. Then spent the day wet sanding the hull with 400 grit. I was quite impressed with my prep work, I won’t lie. In the afternoon, Keith and I painted the hull. I really really tried to have realistic expectations as we had a tough time when we painted a few years ago. It went no better this time. No matter how much we thinned, and how fast we worked, we couldn’t keep a wet edge. We have tried using every brush and roller combination, it just hasn’t been successful. The thing that is most difficult to accept is that we rolled our previous boat and got a flawless finish with the same paint-so we know it can be done! And we know we can do it!. I left the yard in tears after seeing all my prep work obscured with a bumpy, roller, brush-mark filled finish. Not such a happy clam tonight.

<br 20130504-195403.jpg

Day 7:
Sanded the hull and dragged/carried the scaffolding around the boat twice. Ready to try painting again tomorrow. (no tears-I promise) In preparation, I bought a few more brushes to try “rolling and tipping” again. Keith made progress on his project list by removing the prop.

Day 8:
Gave up on “roll and tip” method for the final time. We tried everything we could think of on the port side and gave up, we had the best results with just one roller. At this point I have accepted that the finished outcome will have to be wet sanded and buffed out. Keith lifted the engine, took out the shaft and cutlass bearing, and worked on rebedding the rudder. Later, I painted the starboard side of the hull. It actually is the best finish so far. I just used very, very thin paint, one foam roller, and a very cloudy afternoon. Still far from flawless but maybe buffable.


2 thoughts on “Haul out (Days 2-8)

  1. We got the best results from just using a roller too. The Interlux/Awl Grip guy even came out after many frustrated calls from Jason! We got the best results first thing in the am, so we were done by 8:30am before it got too hot out. We also had to tent the port side of our boat with a tarp so it didn’t get too hot before we got to it.

    1. Thanks Kelley,
      I have the port side all prepped and I will wait until I can start at O-early-hour to paint it. You guys ended up with a really nice finish on your hull. I’m still hopeful for ours.


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