Haul Out-preparations

We are hauling out the boat for a few weeks to get our insurance survey done, finish up a few projects and paint the bottom.

Yesterday I was trying to prepare and gather all of our supplies to minimize the number of runs to the hardware and marine stores. I went to West Marine to buy the paint for the hull and discovered they didn’t have it in stock and they can’t get it until next Friday. Uh, ooops. I took off this week specifically to paint the hull. Mad scrambling and phone call making and in the end, the yard we are hauling out at is able to order it in by tomorrow. Yeah. They even ordered an extra gallon to put on their shelf in case we needed it. And even better, the price was comparable to our Port Supply discount price. Phew. Thanks Cape Marina!

Today we motored (wind right on the nose) up the river and through the locks to Cape Marina. I managed to make it the least graceful transit through the locks ever. Thank goodness we were the only boat in it at the time, minimizes my embarrassment.

I have made a detailed three page list of what haulout projects need done, which order to tackle them, and broke it down by day. I have scheduled wiggle room and rain allowances but Keith laughed at me and just shook his head and said “you can’t plan like that-it never goes that way”.

Here is our shortened version of that list:
Replace shaft
Install dripless cutlass bearing
Adjust pitch of prop
Add two through hulls (future water maker and galley sink drain)
Change engine exhaust
Change bolts in swim platform
Change out port light
Re-bed rudder post
Paint non-skid
Paint hull
Paint bottom
Polish stainless (In case I have idle time)
Caulk toe-rail
Get insurance survey done


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